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some straight people are gayer than gay people

are you fucking serious put 12 straight high school boys in a room overnight and you will bear witness to the gayest party in existence for fucking real straight boys do the gayest shit without being gay it is a fucking talent

Can confirm, i do the sports and im in highschool

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I’d like to make it official that midterms have broken me, put my 6’5 tri-sport athlete frame in a fetal position, and reduced me to tears. Why has god forsaken me like this?


Damn im surprised this tumblr has 500+ followers still. Not sure what im gonna do to it but i might as well give a update. Remember that GF i mentioned a few times? Yeah we broke up, no hard feels tho. Sloths have died down and i lost my hard drive due to something fucking up so my picture collection is way down. If you fools have any suggestions or personal questions, throw ‘em at me.

Well, my computer problems ended in a complete hard drive wipe. Im gonna try to find more content while i throw some new ideas around in my head.

So my computer’s hard drive decided that youtube was too hardcore for it. It crashed and burned so it’s pretty much an overpriced paperweight. So ill be out of commission for a while longer.

Just wanted to share my life while mixing it up a little.
Welcome to your own personal hell.